·        Exterior/Interior: Jerusalem Stone is suitable for exterior and interior applications, for cladding, flooring and special elements. The strength has been proven all over the world in Extreme cold and warm weather. Jerusalem stone can be found in projects in a variety of climes: USA, Eastern and Western Europe, Middle East and the Far East.


·        Installation Method: Jerusalem Stone is very strong comparing to different limestone and can be applied in many different ways. According to ASTM standard the stone considered to be in the High Density range. The different systems for installation includes drywall with anchor system, mortar and wire reinforcement, wet wall, floating/suspended floors, thin-set, mortar setting, sealant joints, expansion joints, paving on gravel  and sand, cement board/wallboard, neoprene column and more.


·        Outdoor installation: Available in lower thickness than other Limestone due to the high dolomite percentage in the Jerusalem Stone. The Jerusalem Stone can be installed in a Drywall system in certain weather starting from 1 1/4" thickness.

·        Large variety: Unlike different limestone, the Jerusalem Stone can be used with many different finishes for different requirements. Our product line offers more than 30 different finishes for the modern look, antique look, anti-slippery, rough finishes, light finishes, unique look and many more. 


·        Maintenance: Jerusalem stone is very low maintenance, natural sealer application on the stone is recommended in wet areas and is dependent on architect specification. The Jerusalem stone is soft enough but not too soft to be cleaned by rain water in time, unlike Marble and Granite that are too strong for it.

Green Building - Jerusalem Stone


The LEED® * (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Building Rating System is the internationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction, and operation of high performance green buildings. When you pursue LEED certification, JSM STONE’s stone products contributes toward satisfying credit under LEED.


LEED-NC (LEED for new construction projects) is the most widely used green building rating system in the US.     LEED-NC emphasizes six categories for environmental improvement:


1. Sustainable Site

2. Water Efficiency,

3. Energy and Atmosphere

4. Indoor Environmental Quality

5. Materials and Resources

6. Innovation in Design



Jerusalem Stone Co for Marble contributes to Green Building


•Jerusalem Stone is a natural product with a long life cycle.

•Jerusalem Stone is a durable, low-maintenance product.

•The long life span and minimal upkeep required to keep Jerusalem Stone esthetic appearance make ongoing energy requirements minimal.

•Jerusalem Stone is an abundant resource that can be 100% recycled. Salvaged or reclaimed Jerusalem Stone can be re used.

•Jerusalem Stone requires only natural cleaners for maintenance.

•Jerusalem Stone contains no hazardous materials.

•Jerusalem Stone has been linked to improved indoor air quality and can contribute to greater energy efficiency

•Jerusalem Stone is a highly sustainable material. The ASTM standard considers its density as class  III - High Density.


•The Jerusalem Stone manufacturing process includes extensive water recycling systems as well as a waste recycling system.



•The Production process utilizes natural materials only and no chemicals.

•Most of the waste generated by the production process is reused for different products and industries. Stone can be ground up and as aggregate in roads.

•Jerusalem Stone cladding helps maintain a comfortable indoor temperature while using less energy.





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